FileBoss File Search Utility & File Management Software - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of Fileboss Fast File & Folder Finder?

You find any file or folder by part of its name within a second. You can save emails fast into thousands of folders. You can search words, text or several expressions in the contents of a file and the results are saved to a text file. You can easily attach documents , images , pdfs or other files to emails without clicking a directory. Copy or Move files fast without mouse clicks Insert files into documents without browsing through folders It contains all that is missing in Windows File Explorer

How much does file search software and file management software cost?

FileBoss is probably the cheapest Widows file tools software available in the market. At a ONE TIME FEE of only USD 22 EUR 20 or GBP 18 per computer you will not find a lower price.

Is it difficult to install FileBoss File and Folder Document Management Software?

Our software FileBoss is easy and intuitive to install. We supply you with a proper step by step installation guide with diagrams. Should you be unable to complete the installation and configuration we are at your disposal personalised and fast support to help you out. If you want we also can install and configure the software on your computers at any worldwide location.

On what type of computers can I install FileBoss File Management Tools?

You can install FileBoss on laptop and desktop computers. Pryer runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Does your software com with support?

Yes , we provide fast personalised support and help you with installation and configuration or any other issue you may have with FileBoss. On request we install and configure the software for you at any worldwide location.

Do your File Software Tools contain any Spyware or Adware or other Malware?

We guarantee that FileBoss is spyware, adware and malware free. We do not have access to your data. We do not stay with your data. FileBoss was developed to help businesses to save time spent on repetitive office work. We are a team that is contactable and our office locations are known unlike most software companies.