NeverSleep is a free utility for Windows computers that avoids your pc or laptop from sleeping or going in suspended mode.

If you do not want your computer or laptop to go to sleep simply click once the button "Never Sleep".

Once you want it to go to sleep within its normal period again (for example 30 minutes the setting in your energy options)
you click on "Sleep when Idle". If you want your computer to stay awake you click on "Never Sleep".

Very simple but helpful.

It was made because it depends on the day if you want your computer to sleep or not. Sometimes you leave the office for one hour and
want your computer to stay on because you want it to be running when you return to continue working without delay of starting up.

Other days you want it to sleep if you do not return to the computer or laptop within the suspension time set in energy options.

Like this with a simple click you can tell your pc or laptop what to do instead of having to go to energy options.

Install this file in c:\book directory on your pc.

Click on the below link to download and run.

Download never sleep utility