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Our software FileBoss is one of its kind. With it you can easily locate files, documents, images that are in your computer.
Normally, when we have to locate a certain document, the path we follow is Clicking on drive – folder – subfolder – and then either scrolling through the list of documents or when we reach the subfolder, we then enter the name of the file/document that we are looking for.
This whole procedure of search is very time consuming and irritating if we are dealing with multiple documents.
With FileBoss, this has been made easy by eliminating the middle steps of going to a folder and then subfolder and then searching for the document. Now many will wonder how it can be easy ? Well, when you install FileBoss, a small window appears in the lower right corner of your screen. There you just have to enter the name or part of the name of the document and then press enter.
In less then 1 second it will locate your document.
FileBoss has three options to search for your documents/files/images etc.To understand it better,check the video and the Installation guide. Brief description is given below:

1) Folder Search
You are looking for a certain directory name. You know which directory it is but you do not recall the location or the directory is nested in a subdirectory that is not easy to reach.
For example, you know a certain file is in a directory containing the words "Invoice" and "2018" and "January" but you do not recall where this folder is located neither what is the order of the words.
If you know the location you do not feel like clicking repeatedly to reach the desired folder.
In FileBoss you would write : invoice+2018+january , hit enter and immediately you get a list of the directories that contain these words. You click on one of the results and it is opened in explorer instantly.
If there is only one directory containing these words it will open that folder immediately.

2) File Search
You are looking for a file which has these two words, “ Cars and gearbox” but not the word “drawing”.So in FileBoss, you will write "cars+gearbox-drawing" and hit enter.
Right away a list will appear on your screen with all the filenames that contain the words cars and gearbox but it will not show those files that have the word drawing in it.

3) Content Search
A third option is content search where you specify the words you want to look for in a file. You can search for the expression in all files or you can limit the search to word files , excel and pdf files etc. And you can also specify a directory where you want to search in or you can search the whole disk.
You can even search the contents within the documents or emails. The words do not have to be near to each other in the file or in a certain order to be found.
For example, during your work,you have saved multiple emails. After few days, you want to reply an email which has the words "container" and "Christmas trees" .
When you enter these words, the email/file with words “container” and “Christmas trees” will show up in the results.

Target Users

Anyone that privately or professionally needs to handle a considerable amount of folders or directories to save files in , to copy files , to move files or to search for and in files for expressions and wants it done fast. FileBoss is for anyone that works in an office.


FileBoss is available for a one time price of USD 43.95 or EUR 39.95. Volume discounts are available and displayed in the order form within the software. There are no monthly , yearly or other fees.

You can download a free copy of FileBoss and try it for 14 days. For the free-trial no credit card or other payment details are required. After the free trial you can order from within the software a license. You can pay by credit card or Paypal in the order form.

Alternatively you can pay with Paypal over here by clicking on this link and send us USD 43.95 or EUR 39.95 for a license that will be emailed to you within 30 minutes. Please mention FileBoss so we know which product you are buying.

If you want to pay by bank transfer please send us email here or send a message at our contact form and we will send you our bank details.
No monthly or yearly cost !

Target Systems

This software is made for Windows Computers and runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP computers.


We offer you email support or you can send us a message on our contact form, click HERE where you can also find all our email addresses and phone numbers or you can send a message from within the application. We promise to answer you within 24 hours.

Spyware Free Declaration

We guarantee that all our software applications are totally Spyware, Adware and Malware free. We are a serious company and have no interest in your data. We want to make good software products and have no second agenda.