FileBoss Download Information

You can click on the download button to install the software.
Please note that we frequently update our software which might lead to your Windows computer alerting you that "we have blocked this application" or similar. This is a warning introduced by Windows smartscreen system that only disappears after 3000 downloads of the specific version. Please click on "more info" or "run anyway".
We are a genuine company and our software is free from any kind of malicious code, spyware or malware or adware. After installation it is standalone software and does not send any of your data back to us. All our executable files are digitally signed by an official certification company as you can see when you right-click on the file and select properties followed by choosing the digital signatures window.
This type of alert should only occur for new versions and that too for a short time. In case you encounter any of these alerts or other
click here to send us an email or give us a call and we will answer you within 24 hours.
Please proceed with clicking on Download. You can also view the tutorial by clicking on the tutorial link downstairs on this page.
Please run the setupnow.exe installation file as administrator.