Bekker Textractor - Extract Text from Image files, PDF documents, or Excel or Word files


Bekker Textractor Description

Textractor extracts text from images, PDFs, Docx, Xlsx documents and presents the text in a new Window.
It extracts text from 18 different image formats like jpg, png, tiff, bmp etc.
It can extract text from very large PDF's with hundreds of pages and it does not care if the PDF was made with selectable text or not. If the text is not OCR prepared like for example when someone scans a document to PDF, it still will be able to extract all text out of the PDF.
Textractor can also split a multiple page PDF in single pages and saves each singe page under a different name. If the main name is doc1.pdf of a document with three pages it will split the PDF in three one page PDF's named doc1_part1.pdf, doc1_part2.pdf and doc1_part3.pdf while maintaining the original multipage file.

Target Users

Useful for people that need to extract text from images or files or split PDF's.

Pricing & Order Form

Textractor is sold for a one time price of EUR 4.99 or USD 5.40. There are no monthly, yearly or other fees.
You can download a free copy of Textractor and try it for 14 days. For the free-trial no credit card or other payment details are required.
After the free trial you can order from within the software a license or click here to go to our secure order form. You can pay by credit card or Paypal in the order form.
Alternatively you can pay with Paypal over here by clicking on this link and send us EUR 4.99 or USD 5.40 for a license that will be emailed to you within 30 minutes. Please mention Textractor so we know which product you are buying.
If you want to pay by bank transfer please send us email here or send a message at our contact form and we will send you our bank details.

Target Systems

This software is made for Windows Computers and runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP computers.


For any question you have regarding installation, configuration or use of Textractor we offer you personal and competent support. We can install and configure at any worldwide location. Please send us an email or you can send us a message on our contact form, click HERE where you can also find all our email addresses and phone numbers or you can send a message from within the application.
We promise to answer you within 24 hours.

Spyware Free Declaration

We guarantee that all our software applications are totally Spyware, Adware and Malware free. We are a serious company and have no interest in your data. We want to make good software products and have no second agenda.